We teach each other’s children. We support each other in our creative passions. We create time and space for each individual to contribute their gifts to the whole.

Our journey has evolved over time to the current community you see here. We experiment and explore with our children, the natural world and our own wellbeing in mind.

In 2018, a group of parents who knew they wanted something more than what traditional education currently offers, met at a beautiful farm space in Perth, WA.

It was a conversation.

A discussion about what we want for our children.

What we want for ourselves.

What we want for our community.

There wasn't a right answer, nor a perfect solution but various options and ideas that could work for different families.

Gillian Howarth had already been exploring these different options, and it was from this conversation that her and Emily Patterson began to intentionally create these safe spaces for children to BE.

Over the years things shifted and evolved as needed. Educators such as Celeste, joined us, and together we were inspired for Nature playgroups.

We were inspired to provide these opportunities for families to become part of a community.

Part of a Network.

Part of an Ecosystem.

We were also inspired to provide this for other educators and together we formed an incredible team of educators with unique and wonderful skills!

The We Are Nature Network Team!

Want to be part of the network?

Photography by Odile Chaperon