We talk about the village approach for life and learning. But how does the village fit in our modern world? What does the modern village look like? More than anything, we believe in Women working, parenting and co-creating together. Teaching each other’s children. Learning in and through life together. We see ourselves as a complex tapestry. A network.

We recognise that the majority of us have grown up in a world that models separation.

The nuclear family. Learning via institutions. We have grown up in a world separated by walls. The We Are Nature Network emphasies removing the walls. Stretching the boundaries. Not just thinking outside the box but removing the box altogether.

We look to Nature as our guide. So that we can imagine New ways for education, community & business. Ways that honour childhood and support mothers. Ways that inspire life long, natural learning,

Reimagine education.

Reclaim childhood.

Restore nature.

It’s about becoming greater than the sum of our parts.

We are inspired by the network of communication that exists between plants and trees. The co-creation woven by the Starlings. The mushrooms. The fish and the insects.

We see the natural world interconnecting & exisiting as one. And we are inspired to do the same.

We look to nature for advice.

We look to heal our relationship with nature.

And therefore with ourselves

Photography by Odile Chaperon