Celeste Lee

Hi, I'm Celeste! I am a mum of 2 and an Early Childhood Teacher. I have been very fortunate to work in progressive, alternative schools, that allowed me to share my passion for inspiring children to develop a love and appreciation for nature. Now, I am on the exciting journey of homeschooling/unschooling. I am happiest away from tech and traffic somewhere among the trees or at the beach! I am a student of and advocate for, peaceful parenting, as well as living a low tox lifestyle that is gentle on the Earth

Chelsea Milne

Hi, I'm Chelsea and I'm an early childhood/ primary teacher, and a homeschooling mumma to my two boys. I'm passionate about conscious/ gentle parenting, homeschooling and all things outdoors. When I'm not bike riding, hiking or at the beach with my children, you would find me practicing yoga, walking my dog or reading a book in the hammock!

Emily Patterson

I'm Emily Patterson, a mama of three with a passion for gentle and respectful parenting, and conscious, natural, child-led education. I have an extensive background working with children having been a nanny, childcare educator, early childhood teacher, and creator and facilitator of an early childhood homeschool program.​I have a Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood Studies and a Masters in Special Education but even with this knowledge my biggest lessons, knowledge and understandings have come from motherhood. Children are our greatest teachers and motherhood is a spiritual practice with lifelong opportunities to expand, grow and uncover all parts of ourselves. We reparent ourself as we practice this way of parenting with our children and embody this within our work with children. I love holding a gentle and safe space for children to truly be themselves, at their essence, and I am inspired to learn from their presence, creativity and curiosity.

Joanna Schapel

Hi, I am Joanna Schapel. I am an early-childhood teacher and budding art therapist. I have a degree in Early Childhood teaching and completed the Foundation Studies of Steiner Education through Perth Waldorf School.  My background has taken me to the remote North West, the Goldfields and Perth teaching Kindy through to Year 3, alongside a few years of working with Save the Children running playgroups for Aboriginal families in the Armadale area. A lot of my life has been working in and around Indigenous communities and I have such a deep desire to be a part of the healing that is necessary in Australia for us all to move forward together. I currently hold nature/art workshops with a focus on connecting people to nature through art and creativity. I love to hold space for children (on their own) and with their parents as they are engaged in creative processes. As a teacher I have always sort to find ways to integrate time in nature and creativity into the lives of the children in my care. I am so passionate and trusting in the concept of conscious education. I truly believe it is the way forward for how we hold space for children as they grow into the special little humans they have come here to be. 

Gillian Howarth

I’m Gill Howarth, a Conscious Educator, an Educational Changemaker, Storyteller and Mother to 3 bright, beautiful and wild boys. With over 20 years experience working in education, studying and travelling across the world, I spent my early years immersed in a world of nature and the imagination. Days were spent mixing sand into the water, playing with the earth, asking questions, making up stories, and listening to the trees. I now find myself an advocate for nurturing these same elements in learning – for adults and children. I believe we create a strong foundation for learning (and life) via a strong connection to our inner world. I have always felt a connection to Teaching/Learning. I am a university qualified Early Childhood Educator and I also hold a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing and Philosophy. I have studied and practiced different forms of yoga, meditation, and mindfulness since the age of 16 and am a qualified yoga and meditation teacher. 

Sam Lycett

I'm Sam Lycett, a Mother to three beautiful, earth loving, nature kids, two of which I homeschool. I am passionate about following my children's interests when it comes to education and I especially love learning new things as a whole family. I encourage curiosity, wonder and awe in my children's home education journey. I use my water colour paints and visual nature journaling to help strengthen my connection to nature and self. I also enjoy playing with herbs, making magic, talking to trees, reading, cooking, crafting, painting, gardening and being creative with my children. I express gratitude and respect to Mother Earth through my love of ritual and I'm committed to looking after the planet alongside my children.

Linda Scott

Hi, I'm Linda, Mum to two big kids and Mimi to my gorgeous grandie, Cash. After 20 years in mainstream schooling, predominantly early childhood, I'm excited to be unschooling myself and getting back to nature, where my heart feels most at home. My passion has always been working with children, the most important thing for me, when it comes to education is providing a loving, supportive and safe environment for children to flourish and lead their own learning journey.

Natalie Salisbury

I’m Natalie, I am a mum to three spirited children as well as a 3D Design Artist, Reflexologist and Therapeutic Art Life Coach. My background is in textiles, print, ceramics, jewellery and fashion - I love supporting people of all ages in their creative ideas and art skills. I believe there is a strong connection between our sense of wellbeing and creativity - and so I am passionate about helping children and women process their emotions through creative practices and art! I am excited to be bringing my experience and skills to the We Are Nature Network team. I work with children alongside Gill at Born Wise Education and also run my own workshops and consults via my business, Mindful Art & Wellness .

Photography by odile Chaperon